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Peace of Mind

The key to peace of mind is a robust, flexible, and always-on security system that cannot be disabled or sabotaged on-site. It should handle all critical tasks in the background, and not interrupt or impede your busy daily schedule.

Through the power of the cloud, we are able to offer a robust portfolio of security solutions to multiple systems, platforms, and locations through a single managed system. Advanced remote control capabilities enable us to remotely support our clients using Windows and the Avast CloudCare system. This flexible platform empowers and enables us to manage all security and service needs from anywhere.

Because the core system runs in the cloud, it is available from anywhere, on almost any device, and is in a continual state of updating and revising. Say goodbye to concerns over outdated virus and malware definitions, new threats you are not familiar with, or employee error.

All these services are available to you, and more:



Direct integration with a flagship server. A single, central management platform alerts us when issues arise and enables us to push policies and automatic updates across all of your devices easily and efficiently.



Helps protect all users from malicious online content and blocks access to many inappropriate websites. Boost productivity by centrally managing web access based on custom-defined usage policies. Have flexible profiles for a diverse set of user categories and needs.



Pay-as-you-go email security services integrate seamlessly with any email infrastructure and include antispam, email archiving, and encrypted email services that stop spam and secure incoming and outgoing email



Protect personal nd company data from loss with regularly scheduled backups to the cloud that run automatically. Easily and quickly restore a single file or an entire directory if any data becomes lost or corrupt. With an off-site backup solution, your data is theft or sabotage free





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